History Our humble beginnings.

The idea to have a club or an organization that coordinates Master Guides within Nairobi Station started years back. I remember that it was in 1986 when our family moved to SDA Church Makongeni, where I found a vibrant Pathfinder Club. I joined the club as a junior staff member, but the club's activities were different from those conducted by my previous church Jericho, and I would wonder why.

In the year 1992, I was elected to lead the youth in my new church Makongeni. Among the first things introduced early that year in collaboration with our sponsor Elder Caleb Nyajeri, was the Master Guide class which Elder Caleb Nyajeri instructed since he was already a Master Guide, invested earlier at Spicer Memorial College in India. As the class leader, I was sent by our sponsor to seek permission to continue the class from the then Youth Ministries Director Pastor David Mbwaro. Pr. Mbwaro granted us the permission. Later in July, I again visited Pr. Mbwaro and discussed with him at length the possibility of having all invested Master Guides within Nairobi churches as few as they were, to come together and be organised into a club. Pr. Mbwaro called for a meeting one Sunday in August 1992 at S.D.A Church Shauri Moyo and about 30 Invested Master Guides attended, among them Mrs. Jemimmah Mwaura, Peter Odero, Pr. Meshack Mugo, Pr. Juma Mahlon, and Elder Caleb Nyajeri.

On December 5, 1992 Pr. Mbwaro conducted the first Master Guide Investiture in SDA Church Makongeni for the 15 AY members who had completed the course. The following year in 1993, I was re-elected to lead the youth in Makongeni, and sought permission from the then Pathfinder Director to involve the invested Master Guides in instructing the pathfinder classes and honors, and he agreed, hence class work and honors were introduced and added to the drama and songs which dominated club activities earlier. The following year in 1994, I was elected as Pathfinder Director by my church, and was sponsored by the church to attend the 10 Hours Camping Skills Course conducted by Nairobi Station Pathfinders Club (NAPAC), which was held at the Rowallan Scouts Camp in Kibera, and when the final test was given in Camping and Outdoor Skills & Leadership I remember emerging the best student, and since an award had been promised to such a person, and whereas there was none, I was awarded a Kshs. 10 note by the then NAPAC Training Leader, Paul Kamau. I had been a member of the Kenya Boy Scouts earlier in secondary school, and so found the test quite simple.

The following year in 1995, I was elected to the station to be in charge of Publicity and Communication in NAPAC and God helped us, together with the other leaders, to reach other stations namely Nakuru, Mount Kenya, and Kenya Coast Field with the proper Pathfindering trainings and materials.

In the year 1996, I was elected to be in charge of trainings in NAPAC. The idea to start a training which could help Pathfinder staff attain Master Guide Investiture had been discussed in 1995 with the then NAPAC Director, Meshach Muga, who had already been trained as a Master Guide but was concerned about the plight of our staff and instructors at the station. The two of us then discussed with C.K.C Youth Ministries Director Pr. Kiragu Ngunyi who readily gave permission for NAPAC to come up with a programme. This was then shared with the then NAAC Director, Christopher Wadoyi, who also sat with his council and agreed to support it and so in June 1996 we started a Programme (basically for pathfinder staff only) and I was elected to be the coordinator to oversee the first Station Master Guide class, which comprised of Pathfinder staff and instructors from churches within Nairobi.

In 1997, the name was changed to Nairobi Station Master Guide Club (NASMAC), when adventurer staff members were also allowed to join and officials were elected as follows: Russell Otieno, Director; Paul Kamau, Deputy Director; Florence Muende & Lucy Okellow, treasurers/secretaries; Sponsors: Nairobi Station Director Pr. Rugendo Magana, Peter Odero, Jemimmah mwaura, Dr. Gershom Amayo and Elder Caleb Nyajeri. In the same year, we conducted a class of about 200 Master Guide students, at SDA Church Nairobi Central. The instructors were Pr. Paul Muasya, Dr. Gershom Amayo, Pr. John Macharia, Pr. Muchee, Peter Odero, Jemimmah Mwaura, Meshach Muga, Paul Kamau, Geoffrey Ongoro, and Russell Otieno. The first NASMAC Campout & Fair took place at the Rowallan Scouts Camp in October 1997, attended by around 160 Master Guides with about 10 of them coming from Nakuru station. The first NASMAC Church Heritage and Bible Truths tests were also done at the campout, conducted by the then Station Director Pr. John Macharia. The first NASMAC investiture took place same year at the Rowallan Scouts Camp, at the end of the first Nairobi Station Pathfinder Camporee where 57 Master Guides and 6 PLAs were invested. This was a great occasion presided over by a number of Union and Conference officials including the then Union President Pr. John Othoo, the then Union Youth Ministries Director Pr. Muchee, the then East Africa Union Commuinication Director Pr. Paul Muasya, the then Central Kenya Conference President Pr. Francis Njau, the then Youth Ministries Director Pr. John Kiragu Ngunyi, and the then Nairobi Station Director Pr. Rugendo Magana.

In 1997 when the Nairobi Station Master Guide Club was formed, the main AIM was to "EQUIP PATHFINDER AND ADVENTURER LEADERS FOR SERVICE" hence the slogan "INFORMED, INSPIRED, INVOLVED" was voted by the members as the slogan for NASMAC. The other functions of the club included the following:

  • 1. Unite and bring together all Master Guides within Nairobi Station.
  • 2. Train all Pathfinder & Adventurer staff and instructors within Nairobi Station.
  • 3. Organise exchange programs and attendance to regional and world youth events (Exposure).
  • 4. To conduct advanced training for both pathfinder and adventurer leader - PLA & APLA for Pathfinder leaders and AGLA for Adventurer leaders.
  • 5. Reach out to other stations and Conferences/Fields (Trainings and helping in their events).
  • 6. To start a Welfare kitty for Master Guides (Pathfinder and Adventurer leaders in class could also join).

In the year 1998, NASMAC conducted two investitures, the second and the third with 28 & 26 Master Guide candidates respectively at Fisherman's Camp in Naivasha for the remaining class of the 1997 Master Guide candidates who were not through with all the requirements during the first investiture. The then C.K.C Youth Ministries Director Pr. Kiragu Ngunyi officiated the first investiture, and the second investiture was officated by the then EAU Communication Director Pr. Paul Muasya and the then C.K.C Youth Director Pr Evans Ndar. NASMAC also conducted its second Campout and Fair in October the same year. The Chief Guest was the Division Youth Ministries Director Dr. Saustene Mfune, who also planted a commemorative tree at the Rowallan Scouts Camp. The first NASMAC field trip to Gendia Mission was also organized same year in October, when the Master Guides travelled to Kendu bay to study the SDA Church's origins in Kenya and to conduct Community Cervice at the Kendu Mission Hospital.

In 1999, NASMAC conducted its first Master Guide Camporee at the Rowallan Scouts Camp which was well attended and graced with visitors from Jinja in Uganda, Nakuru Station and Kenya Coast Field. Pr. John Mafabi, the then Uganda Union Youth Director was the Chief Guest.

In 2000, the 2nd PLA Class who enrolled in 1999 began classes. The number was 40 at enrolment but was reduced to 22. The class moved on slowly but died when Pr. Willie Ngugi, the then C.K.C Youth Ministries Director who was also the Patron and Sponsor left office.

In January 2000, the fourth NASMAC Investiture took place at Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park where a total of 66 Master Guides were invested. Those officiating were Pr. the then C.K.C President Paul Muasya, and the then C.K.C Youth Ministries Director Pr. Alfred Marundu.

In 2001, Evans Maturi came in as the new Director but NASMAC was having challenges in regards to church administration, protocol and leadership at the station office. Not much was achieved this time, until the following year when the Central Kenya Conference and East African Union leadership made an intervention.

In 2002, NASMAC had a goal to integrate Master Guide Club Program into the local Church Districts. Activities and class work were to be done at district level, Investiture and Assessment at Station Level. If this turned out successful, then clubs were to be formed at church level by 2005. This was to be achieved under the leadership of the new NASMAC Director, Christopher Wadoyi.

Year Director Photo
1997* Eld. Russell Otieno NASMAC Director 1997
2001 Evans Maturi NASMAC Director 2001
2002 Eld. Christopher Wadoyi NASMAC Director 2002
2012 David Obwaya NASMAC Director 2012
2013 Samuel Gogo NASMAC Director 2013
2014 Cornelius Makori NASMAC Director 2014
2015 Walter O. Were NASMAC Director 2015
2016 Eld. Richard B. Onkoba NASMAC Director 2016
2017 Eld. Joseph N. Murage NASMAC Director 2017
2018 Eld. Benard O. Okun NASMAC Director 2018
Year Associate Director - Male Associate Director - Female Photos
1997* Paul Kamau
2013 David Kobe Damaris Sarange
2014 Eld. Kevin O. N. Nyaosi
(Finance and Communication)
Brenda Akedi
(Secretariat and Events)
NASMAC Associate Director 2014 NASMAC Associate Director 2014
2015 John Wathabi Alice A. Okoth
2016 Eld. Joseph N. Murage Dr. Teresa N. Omwoyo
2017 Eld. Richard B. Onkoba Olga Yena
2018 Eld. Joseph N. murage Mary Wakabira
Year Training Coordinator Photo
2012 Fredrick Otieno NASMAC Training Coordinator 2012
2013 Eric Otieno NASMAC Training Coordinator 2013
2014 James Onyango NASMAC Training Coordinator 2014
2015 Samuel O. Nyakwar NASMAC Training Coordinator 2015
2016 Walter O. Were NASMAC Training Coordinator 2016
2017 Elisha Ouko NASMAC Training Coordinator 2017
2018 Elisha Ouko NASMAC Training Coordinator 2018
Year Communication Secretary Photo
2015* Eld. Kevin O. N. Nyaosi NASMAC Communication Secretary 2014
2016 Alex Onyiego NASMAC Communication Secretary 2016
2017 Eld. Kevin O. N. Nyaosi NASMAC Communication Secretary 2014
2018 Lameck O. Ogutu NASMAC Communication Secretary 2018
Year Secretary Photo
2014 Faith Kemunto NASMAC Secretary 2014
2015 Faith Kemunto NASMAC Secretary 2015
2016 Carolyne N. Njoroge NASMAC Secretary 2016
2017 Michelle K. Mudanya NASMAC Secretary 2017
2018 Roselyn Moraa NASMAC Secretary 2018
Year Treasurers Photo
2012 Cornelius Makori NASMAC Treasurer 2012
2013 Cornelius Makori NASMAC Treasurer 2013
2014 Walter Oloo NASMAC Treasurer 2014
2015 Eld. Elkanah N. Mauti NASMAC Treasurer 2015
2016 Jane L. Ogada NASMAC Treasurer 2016
2017 Faith K. Nyabaro NASMAC Treasurer 2017
2018 Elizabeth Onduso NASMAC Treasurer 2018
Year Sponsors Photos
2014 Pr. Meshack Mugo and Pr. Vincent Okongo NASMAC Sponsor 2014 NASMAC Sponsor 2014
2015 Pr. Peter K. Nyaga and Pr. Albert N. Moenga NASMAC Sponsor 2015 NASMAC Sponsor 2015
2016 Pr. Vincent Okongo and Pr. Josphat Orangi NASMAC Sponsor 2016 NASMAC Sponsor 2016
2017 Pr. Meshack Mugo and Pr. Lawrence Ruiga NASMAC Sponsor 2017 NASMAC Sponsor 2017
2018 Pr. Everson Mose and Pr. Lawrence Ruiga NASMAC Sponsor 2018 NASMAC Sponsor 2018