Tuesday, October 7, 2014, 04:24
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No matter what heartaches we have, there is something about "suffering" that draws us closer to Jesus. There are even those who don’t claim to be Christians who in their darkest hour - cry out to God! Just think, if everything always went smoothly in our lives, we wouldn’t know we need a Savior! There are many examples in the Bible where the children of Israel fell away from God, began worshiping idols and became so worldly that God allowed trials and troubles to bring His children back to Him. It is through our suffering that we truly learn to lean on Jesus! God will not forsake us, and no matter what burden we bear, we are not alone! God has a special plan and purpose for our lives, and we can trust Him to lead in the good and the bad times! Whenever we are "going through the fire," remember that God has not forgotten us! He has a plan for each of His children and it is far better than we could possibly imagine! Learn to trust God completely and above all, know this: Jesus loves you, died to save you, and is coming again soon to take you home with Him, where there will be no more suffering, tears, sorrow, or death . . . but each day will be more glorious than the day before! Text: Rom 8:18, 1 Pet 5:10, Rom 12:12, Heb 5:8

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